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May 20-23, 2018
Ritz Carlton Sarasota
Sarasota, FL

SPATEC Spring - Keynote Speaker

Living a True Life in Balance

Keynote speaker
Anne Parker, MA, MHSA
Wellness Counselor
Miraval Arizona

We all talk about “needing balance”, “finding balance”, “achieving balance”, “work/life” balance. Yet balance often becomes another thing on the “to do” list that we can’t get done. Join Anne Parker for a unique look at what balance truly is. We will explore some myths about balance, and discover ways to begin balancing more practically and meaningfully. We will explore what true balance looks and feels like as we go through our days, managing our well-being within all that life offers us including the demands of family life, work life, technology, personal values, and self-care.

About Anne: Anne brings a unique, caring, and practical approach to creating and enhancing personal and relational well-being. A therapist with over 35 years of professional experience, she has focused her practice in a wellness model since 1995. As practitioner and teacher of mindfulness for over 20 years, Anne is skilled in integrating the wisdom of the unconscious with mindful approaches and practical strategies for wellness. She has also held various executive level positions in hospitals and non-profit organizations giving her a distinctive ap-proach to integrating balance in all aspects of life. Anne inspires new perspectives about joyful living, emotional resilience, and life transitions.